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Changzhou National Hi-Tech District Dafeng Industrial Park

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    Changzhou National Hi-Tech District Dafeng Industrial Park is a cooperative industrial park between Changzhou National Hi-Tech District and Dafeng District, the cooperative protocol is signed between Changzhou Municipal and Yancheng Municipal, the park was inaugurated in November 2006, this park is born according to the provincial deployment that southern Jiangsu team up with northern Jiangsu to co-build Northern Jiangsu development zones. The industrial Park is officially started in April 2007, the two parties have set up a park investment&development company with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, the ratio of share holding for this company is 9:1, the two parties will stick to the principle of respective advantages complementing each other, intense development, market operation, sustainable development.
    The total planning area of this joint park is 10 square kilometers, adjacent to coastal expressway dafeng exit&entry toll gate, the objective of this joint venture is to build a south-north co-build demonstration zone, first-rate park in Northern Jiangsu, livable and good to start business modern eloquent industrial park, the industry orientation for this park is mechanicals, electronics and new materials, the key is to develop high-end manufacturing equipment, new energy and new material, electronic information industry, it is the starting point of “twin cores and one belt” industrial space&layout.
    By far, five square kilometers of the park have been fully constructed, the supporting facilities have all been improved and perfected, the park has reached the nine basic requirements. There are in total 162 projects having invested in the park, 41 of them are industrial projects and the total investment is 13.2 billion yuan. The representative enterprises from this park are TPI wind turbine blades dafeng ltd., co., Jiangsu Goodeng Engineering Machinery Assembling CO.,LTD., Shanghai Light and Optical manufacturing dafeng company. When accelerating the pace of industrial development, the park authority has built high starting-point and high standards living quarters to achieve the goal of advancing industrialization and urbanization in sync. The park committee has already built Jiangnan mountain and water residence area, Fuyang ruifeng residence and commercial areas and commercial pedestrian street.