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Dafeng Port

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    Dafeng Port is located in the central position of the 1040 kilometers coastline of Jiangsu Province, National First-Class Open Port. Dafeng Port is 250 nautical miles from Shanghai Port, 120 nautical miles from Lianyungang Port , 430 nautical miles from Nagasaki Port, Japan, 420 nautical miles from Busan Port, South Korea, the ship can reach ports in Southeast Asia, America and Europe vie Shanghai Port and Busan Port. The advantageous geographical location makes Dafeng Port the ideal springboard to International market for the coastal regions of Jiangsu Province and the neighboring regions. The port has opened international routes to South Korea, Japan, Russia and etc., also domestic routes to most ports in China, Dafeng Port has direct sea route to Keelung Port, Taiwan, and vie Shanghai Port the cargo can be transported to major ports in Europe and America.
    Dafeng Port is located in the blank belt, central position of the 1040 kilometers coastline of Jiangsu Province, the port is at longitude 120°43′, north latitude 33°11′. Dafeng Port is a Port project in the Planning of Ministry of Transport and five cross-century major strategic engineering projects of Jiangsu Province, the port is included in the International Shipping System of Shanghai Port and a supporting port to the north of Shanghai Port. Dafeng Port authority has actively snatched the historical opportunity of two national strategies interacting each other, Jiangsu Coastal Development Strategy and Yangtze Delta Integration Strategy, the port authority is accelerating the pace of port construction, Dafeng port has become an important knot and key port zone along the Jiangsu coastlines, it is one of the three deep water seaports with heavy support from CPC Jiangsu Province Committee and Jiangsu Provincial Government. In 2007, the first class open port status was approved by State Council, it has opened several domestic and international sea routes, it is also one of the 63 ports having direct routes to Taiwan sanctioned by the central administration. There are 17 berths including container, bulk-cargo, general cargo, petro-chemical, grain, large-sized cargo, roll-on-roll-off and alike. The loading and unloading cargo includes coal, minerals, container, lumber, steel, auto-parts, chemical materials, grain, building materials, consumption goods and etc., in total more than 30 types, the annual throughput is 50 million tons, 500 thousand containers; the development is on the fast pace mode; the currently under construction 150 thousand tonnages deep water channel will further improve and advance the navigation and throughput capabilities. By 2017, there are will be 27 ten-thousand tonnages class and above deep water wharves in Dafeng Port, and the port will stride into the ranks of 100 million tonnages ports. It will become an important international port covering the central coastlines and the central& western regions of China.
    The port has a coastline of 29 kilometers, 100 thousand tonnages deep water channel, the channel can accommodate 150-200 thousand tonnages vessels, it is the only deep water port along the central coastline of Jiangsu Province, National First Class Open Port, it has already opened many domestic and international sea routes. The Custom, Inspection and Quarantine, Maritime, Immigration Inspection and related agencies are all in place, the port zone has three bonded warehouse areas, one bonded logistics park.