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Dafeng Economic Development Zone

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    Dafeng Economic Development Zone is a Provincial-Level Development Zone, it is also an ecological economic development zone approved by Ministry of Environmental Protection, the total planning area is 188 square kilometers, 56 square kilometers have already been developed. In recent years, the administrative committee has constantly increased infrastructure investment, eight vertical roads and five horizontal roads inside the zone are all completed and open to traffic, star-level hotels, business building, high-end Residence are all in the process of construction, the supporting facilities are all being improved and perfected.
    Dafeng Economic Development Zone has attracted Gold Wind Technology, China South Railway Electric Motor, Shanghai Textile, China WanXiang, Jiangsu Sunshine, ROK Mingjin Mechanical, Japan Oriental, Thailand Chia Tai Group and 600 more enterprises in subsequent order to invest, the zone has become an important growth pole for the economy of Dafeng District. The indicators like developing speed, economic growth, operation quality are all leading in Jiangsu Province, it is the most potential economic development zone in Yangtze River delta, the most worthwhile economic development zone in the reform and opening-up of China. The budget income of 2015 is 1,442,000,000 yuan, the year on year growth is 18.8%, the VAT income is 496 million yuan; 18 newly started projects, 11 completed projects; the sales of statistics system listed enterprises are 16.56 billion yuan, the year on year growth is 22.7%, the number of newly nurtured above-scale is 12; the ranking among provincial-level and above development zones is No.43, one notch advancement compared to last year’s ranking.
    The economic development zone is developing according to the guiding principle of “High-end leading, Innovation Driven, Improve the economic development strength of the Zone all-roundly”, the key is to build Wind Power Industrial Park, Electronic Information Industrial Park, Auto Parts and High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park, Korean Capital Industrial Park, Metal Surface Treatment Industrial Park and other special Industrial Parks, and Central Business District South City, Central Living Quarters North City and other modern service centers, Dafeng Economic Development Zone will develop new energy industry, new material industry, auto parts and high-end equipment manufacturing industry, electronic information industry, meanwhile the zone will implement technology innovation vigorously, the administrative committee will build first-rate returned students pioneer park, national-level science&technology incubator, strategic emerging industries research and development bases.