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Green Channel

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Dafeng  has set up Green Channel for  the approval of major Projects.

From now on, all the projects registered in Dafeng with a registered capita of 100 million dollars or $ 10 million dollars will enjoy the Green Channel service. This is one huge breakthrough of  our city pushing for the construction of  major projects.

In the recently publishing policy of Major Projects Approval Green Channel: the pre-production procedures of Major Projects will be taken care of by assigned personnel, executing agency service; in the process of dealing with all the procedures, all the approval authority must serve firstly and finish the procedure in time, all sticking to the rule of  firstly serve; all the related departments should hold united approval  meeting regularly and  do office job on constrion site, approve together;share information; synchronize the procedure; once for all procedures; deliver all the documents  together, executing “united acceptance” policy; All the awaiting approval documents  once  arrived at the desk of  related departments, all departments should assign people to follow the progress of  processing also coordinate and report the progress of the approval , executing “trailing and  accomplishing” policy.