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Preferential Policies

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Enjoy all the preferential policies that the nation supports the developments of coastal region.

Enjoy all the preferential policies that Jiangsu Province supports the developments of Northern Jiangsu.

Engjoy all the preferential policies that Jiangsu Province Finance Aid supports the developments of  development zones  in Northern Jiangsu.

1. Land

Dafeng boasts rich land resource. Ordinary industrial land price is 580,000 dollars per acre. The tenancy of the land is 50 years. As far as  the concrete project, further discussion will be arranged and  the deduction of the land price can be compensated by other rewards.


Portion of the value-added tax and the enterprise income tax contributed to the local authority will be returned to enterprise proportionally. The percentage of tax returns will be decided by the total investment, technology, tax contributions and etc.


All the administive fees charged by the local authority durning the construction of the Project will be exempted.


All the Projects settled in Dafeng, its executive approval, industrial and commerce registration, land  confiscation and other related procedures will be served and dealed with in Dafeng City Administrative Service Center in the principle of  one stop approval and one package service and one window acceptance with  timely fashion; Environment Evaluation, Safety Evaluation, water and electricity upgrade will be handled by related  departments fully and also in timely fashion.

5. Service

All the Incoming Projects will be served by related bureau in the principle of “full process; one pacage; babysitting style”. Durning the daily running of all the scale enterprises they will all be protected by three policies—“Inspection concurred by City Government; Administive fines concurred by City Government; Administive Fees concurred by City Government “.