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Investment of 9,04 billion yuan has been attracted from Shenzhen

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    Dafeng held signing projects activity in Shenzhen, with 15 projects signed on the spot, involving digital electronics, smart city, marine organism, panel screen, white household appliances and other high-end industry areas. Member of Yancheng Standing Committee and Dafeng municipal party secretary Ni Feng, and city leaders Wei Xin, Ni Xiangrong and Chen Wanhua attended the activity.
  ShenZhen, the window of China's reform and opening-up, and also a national innovation-oriented city approved by the State Council, has formed communication industrial cluster, computer industrial cluster, software industrial cluster, medicine industrial cluster and many other high-end industrial clusters. Shenzhen has powerful influence and driving force, which is one of the key areas of our business attraction and introduction. Municipal Party Committee and government pay high attention to this activity, with delicate arrangement. According to the development orientation of Dafeng’ industry, the concerning economic subjects mainly attract the high-end projects, foreign funded projects, major project. We contact deeply with the guest businessmen in the earlier stage to attract the projects to settle here. Six Star (Hong Kong) Investment, Dixun tech, ZTE and a batch of famous enterprises have been invited to the meeting. Dafeng leaders require all the economic subjects to view this activity as an opportunity to reinforce the track service, accelerate the work and make the project begin early and construct early, in order to realize the win-win development of the enterprises and Dafeng economic society.