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3.732 billion yuan investment has been attracted in the Shanghai

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  Dafeng has launched a signing contract program campaign in Shanghai in Feb. 22nd, with 18 signed projects on the spot and planned total investment of 3.732 billion yuan. The 18 projects have involved many new industries such as LED Manufacturing, Biological polysaccharide extraction of the shell, computer thermal spray printing and many others.                                                                                                                                                       Shanghai is at the forefront of our reform and opening-up policy, the international finance center, shipping center and also the mainstream for World Top 500 enterprises, so it is the one of the focuses of Dafeng’s attracting investment. The Dafeng Municipal Party Committee and Government have paid great attention to this signing campaign, with delicate arrangement. According to Dafeng’s development orientation and the boosting of strategic new industry, the concerning economic subjects have contacted with the foreign businessmen to attract the projects. Zejiang Jinqiao Pharmacy, France Mahan Machinery and other renowned enterprises at home and abroad are invited to the meeting.
    During the signing session, the city leaders warmly welcomed the foreign businessmen in the meeting to introduce more entrepreneurs to invest in Dafeng and develop together.