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Loan Balance in Dafeng has exceeded 24,000,000,000 yuan last year

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  According to some departments, loan balance in Dafeng has exceeded 24,416,000,000 yuan in 2013, increased by 3,876,000,000 yuan, and the increased loans keep in the first place in all the counties in Yancheng.
  The total number of financial agencies has been up to 14 in Dafeng 2013, which stays on the top of northern Jiangsu. Debt direct-financing is 3,889,000,000 yuan, including 5 issued bonds and 2,800,000,000 yuan financing. 3 trust projects are developed, with 770,000,000 yuan financing; 5 financing lease businesses, with 319, 000,000 yuan financing. The release of these capital will actively stimulate the acceleration of the economic development in Dafeng.
Dafeng has made brilliant achievements in outbound promotion. Last year, Dafeng actively organized outbound financial promotion activities in Bejing and Nanjing to continuously enlarge the influence in the developed financial zones. At the same time, Dafeng strives to attract foreign businesses and investment. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Dafeng Branch opened successfully, CMBC Dafeng Branch has confirmed the bank address, and all the work is proceeding smoothly.
   The credit is enjoying a steady growth. Last year, Dafeng has new increase of in-balance sheet loans by 3,876,000,000 yuan, as the first in all the counties in Yancheng. Due to the shortage of corporate financing, Dafeng has launched a campaign of “with every unit” to joint the banks and enterprises every quarter, opened “direct contact with small and medium-sized enterprise financing” and also had “three competitions ” campaigns to serve the small and medium-sized enterprise. At the same time, Dafeng vigorously develops off-balance sheet business and uses overseas money in agreement financing, notes, L/G and other flexible financial products to break through the limit restriction and has achieved increase by 2,359,000,000 yuan.

  Various financing innovation has got fruitful results. Last year, Dafeng issued 5 bonds, financing 2,800,000,000 yuan. The Innovation Branch for all people of Dafeng Agricultural and Business bank was founded, to further cooperate with Jinmao Guarantee Company and offer efficient financing service for the entrepreneurs. Combining technology and finance, and starting new developing style, the Technology Branch of Dafeng Agricultural and Business bank was built to meet the demands of many scientific styled small and medium-sized enterprises. Especially, Dafeng contacts with Shanghai Free Trade Zone and has specially-assigned person to set Dafeng Liaison Office in Shanghai to enhance the relationship with the financial agencies in the free zone, expand the financial channel, and meet the demands maximumly of our small and medium-sized enterprises. Last year, financing lease (Beijing) Co., LTD Shanghai Branch, Gerui Commercial Factoring (Shanghai) Co., LTD , Shanghai Maoyou International Trade Free Trade Co., LTD, and Medical Instrument Financing Lease Company registered by Huifeng Shares are set up by the Dafeng Port in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone to add new channels for the further financing.