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Dafeng image poses at NYC's Times Square

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    Dafeng city image promo video made its debut on screens at Times Square in America Eastern Standard Time Jan. 17th. The 30-second film is screened consecutively at 20 time intervals under overseas rules of communication every day.
  Begun with the English subtitles “A NEW SINO US TRADE BRIDGE CHINA DAFENG PORT”, Dafeng promo video, with brief and inspiring background music, is showing the wonderful images one by one of Dafeng Port, the ocean, Milu Deer, wet land, red-crowned crane and so on, as well as the prosperous scenes of modern manufacturing industry and logistics industry. The picture is modern, magnificent, and full of visual impact, which ends with powerful Chinese calligraphy “China Dafeng”. The appearance of Dafeng image promo video at Times Square is another great publicity breakthrough after Dafeng staged the CCTV as the normalization city brand publicity. Dafeng has demonstrated confidence, opening-up, magnificence, and tolerant heart, which helps the world to know Dafeng and also helps Dafeng to walk to the world, as the most international open city in Yancheng.
    New York's Times Square is a prosperous commercial and entertainment center in the center of Manhattan that attracts over hundreds of thousands of people every day. It is known as the "world's crossroad". Approximately 40 million tourists from all over the world visit Times Square each year, equal to 14 percent of the United State's total population. The widescreen to broadcast Dafeng promo video is HD, 67 meters above the ground, 12.2 meters wide and 19.5 meters high, which has perfect external publicity effect.