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The Huadong Headquarter Sets up Here

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  Good news! The Huadong branch of China State Construction Corporation will set up headquarter in Dafeng High-Technology Zone, which marks another giant step of attracting state-own enterprises investment.
  CSCEC is the only construction enterprise in China certified for 3 top grade Qualifications, as well as for “1+4” Qualifications and Grade A Qualification for project design of the construction industry. From 1982 to the end of 2011, the accumulated contract value of CSCEC totals 5 trillion yuan and turnover accomplished amounts to 3.1trillion yuan. CSCEC deserves a flagship of China’s construction industry for having the total assets in 2012 exceeding 657.5 billion yuan. CSCEC has been included in 225 top international contractors since 1984, placing No. 20 in the ranking of 2011. CSCEC made its debut in Fortune Global 500 in 2007, ranking No. 100 in 2012 and No.80 in 2013.
  The high-rise of Jiangsu CSCEC covers 21mu and building area reaches110thousand sq.m. With RMB500million. The headquarters integrates the economy and software development into a whole. After the project finished, the sale will over RMB1billion, and annual taxation will reach RMB50million.