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Dafeng Road Construction Quite a Bloom

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    According to the information from Dafeng Road Transport Bureau, Dafeng 2013 road construction investment reaches 1.619billion. Because of well-funded and well organized, all traffic facility construction projects are on the run, which is the highlight of authority’s construction projects.
   Quite a few flowers bloom on the road construction in this year. Several main road have been put into service include costal highway, 323 provincial road, etc. the Yan Huai Expressway is under construction. And with the evacuation channel of Dafeng port reaches the construction targets, the green channel project has been accomplished.
   In addition,country road construction being accelerated. Within 42 provincial upgrading rural road projects, 6 passing bay projects cover 14.9km been constructed, 56 bridges with 104million investment been built. Excepted the project in Nanyang town will be finished in Dec. all the projects have been accomplished till now.