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Beautiful biological environment

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Dafeng is the hometown of Milu. There are 1600 world-cherished-species deers, occupying  one third of the world total population and is bestowen the honor “China Hometown of Milu”. Dafeng has the world’s largest Milu Nature Reserve, is one station of Shanghai Expo 2010 Travel Line. Dafeng is the wetland city. Dafeng has 112 kms golden coastal line, more than 1000 square kilometers of tidal flat and more than 1000 square kilometers radioactive shoalDongsha island, the largest wetland in east asia and is registered on the UN list of international critical wetland. Dafeng is Top 100 counties in the nation; national health city; china excellent tourism city; the first leading demonstration zone of national sustainable development; Jiangsu Province civilized city; societal order&secure city.