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Platform construction perfects

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Dafeng Economic Development Zone, Dafeng Port Economic Development Zone-two provincial-level development zones and Changzhou National Hi-Tech District Dafeng Industrial Park boast  good infrastructure, all the zones meet the standards of  roadrainsewagetap watergaselectricitycommunicationheating power and cable plus horizontal land, the capacity of bearing new projects is improving incrementally, the power of gathering similar industry has appeared. Dafeng Economic Development Zone is specialized in Textile; Machinary; Stainless steel; Construction materials and other featured industry. Dafeng Port Economic Development Zone is by the harbor and tital flat, so it is planned to develop new energy; new material; ocean biological industry; petro-chemical industry; warehousing&logistic; biological tourism and other industries, one batch of  major projects has broken earth or in the preparation for breaking earth.