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Comfortable Living Environment

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   Nature&Climate: Dafeng is located in Northern Hemisphere Subtropical monsoon climate area, with obvious four seasons feature. The hours of daylight is 2238.9 hours per year; the frost-free season is 213 days per year; the average annual rainfall is 1042.2 millimeters; the average annual tempterature is 14.1 degree Celsius and there are no major hazardous natural weather.

 Living Conditions: Dafeng is the demonstration city of national biological construction and the first national health city of Northern Jiangsu Province. There are several three-star and above hotels and foreigner-entertaining restaurants; five modern residents villa areas; two national-level civilized communities; six provincial-level civilized communities; with commercial&residential buildings, apartments, office buildings and many other types of buildings densely interwind and distributed to meet the investors’full needs.

Education&Technology: Two high education colleges in downtown, One national-level High School and one vocational high school, two provincial-level high Schools, nine science and R&D facilities.  

Cultue&Entertainment: Library; Archive; Culture Hall; Cinema&Theater; Movie center; Sports Stadium; Travel Hall; Amusement Park; Children Park; Bowling Center; Youngster House; Gymnasium; Night Club; Bar; Disco; Lesiure square and many other cultural&entertaining facilities are so rich it can satisfy your needs entirely. 

Cuisine&Shopping: There are 260 restaurants from low-end to high-end layed in dafeng city, the cuisine street offers all kinds of  nosh from all over the country; there are also five big supermarkets, four shopping malls, two appointed merchandise streets, two big night fairs.    

Medical&Health: One second-grade A class hospital; two second-grade B class hospitals; six other hospitals with special features, with a total 2351 medical&health staffers.

Travel&Sightseeing: There are Milu nature reserve; millions of acres of tidal flats; forest parks; slat lakers; Doulong harbor; Dongsha Island with lots of sea products resource; Xiaohai spring in terms of  natual sites. In terms of human landscape there are also Justice Temple&North Pole Temple Caoyan Town; Shi naian Memorial Hall of Baiju Town; Pure Land Temple of Liuzhuang Town; Zhenhai Temple of Xiaohai Town and the precious drawings by famous painter called Zheng Banqiao.